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Jessica Anne Thomas

Jessica Anne Thomas

Phoenix, AZ


Art is a uniquely human experience. Artistic expression is a form of communication between the artist and observer. Communication is the act of sending and receiving information. Interaction is a prerequisite of communication. The interaction between one who sends information and one who receives the information is the definition of communication. All communication is not art. Art is present only when artistic expression communicates an image that evokes human emotion. The spirit of the observer is affected by the vision of the artist. As an artist my mission is to beautifully communicate a simple idea. I use form, color, paint and light in combination as communication symbols to represent my perception of the visual world as I see and experience it. I strive to paint what I see in a way that stimulates the intellect, warms the heart and celebrates the human spirit.

Art has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I began drawing and sketching in my primary school years. Born and raised in Southeastern, Wisconsin cityscapes, buildings, Lake Michigan and the rolling green country of the Midwest were the subjects of my artistic exploration and expression. I enjoyed experimenting with all types of media including pencil, watercolor, tempera, ink, pastels, acrylics, oils etc. After college I embarked on a career in the field of Architecture and Interior Design. My career in architecture has influence my art. As I developed my skill in design and delineation of my projects I developed a somewhat controlled painting and drawing technique. I also found myself attracted to oil paint on canvas or board as the media that best supports my artistic style and expression. In 1990 I opened a branch office of my architectural practice in San Antonio, TX. The stark texture of the west central Texas landscape, the Spanish cultural influence in its architecture along with the Native American colors, shapes, and forms were an immediate source of creative artistic inspiration for me. The themes and subjects of the Southwest are the subjects of my oil paintings. I am fascinated and driven by the challenge to artistically express the haunting yet beautiful mysteries of the people, places and things of the Desert Southwest.

My creative process is continuous. I observe and absorb every aspect of my environment and experience in life as a resource for creative expression. A painting begins when I am creatively challenged to represent what I see in a way that uniquely communicates my feelings about a subject. The subjects I choose to paint represent symbolic images of my feelings about them. I am moved to paint subjects and portray events that I have experienced in a way that is pleasing to the eye and stimulating to the intellect. As a "Southwest Romantic Realist "I am an optimist by nature. I am positive, hopeful and enthusiastic about the world around me. My approach is traditional. I prepare study sketches of my concept. When I am satisfied with the overall composition and value range of my drawing I transfer my sketch to canvas. I use a toned under-painting over which I paint directly. The final result is an oil painting that is a combination of direct vivid and rich oil colors and subtle toned and tinted washes. The surface of my paintings is smooth and finished. The overall affect is a refined, professional and finished work of art.


Did Someone Say Treat? by Jessica Anne Thomas


Sonoran Desert Cactus Reds by Jessica Anne Thomas


Evening Table Sun flowers by Jessica Anne Thomas


Mission Cove by Jessica Anne Thomas


Desert Cactus Flower by Jessica Anne Thomas


Wild Desert Chickory by Jessica Anne Thomas


Catching Ligjting by Jessica Anne Thomas


Red Rocks Sedona by Jessica Anne Thomas


Where Have All The Mechanics Gone by Jessica Anne Thomas


Great American Bison by Jessica Anne Thomas


ONE WHO SOARS WITH THE HAWK by Jessica Anne Thomas


Creamy Rose by Jessica Anne Thomas


Blooming Prickly Pear by Jessica Anne Thomas


xenobia by Jessica Anne Thomas




DON'T FORGET TO WATER by Jessica Anne Thomas




SOUTH BOUND by Jessica Anne Thomas


WHITE ROSE OF EDEN by Jessica Anne Thomas


Taking Water at the Verde River by Jessica Anne Thomas


Strictly Dramatic by Jessica Anne Thomas


Candy Carpet Field by Jessica Anne Thomas